I tend to sprinkle THOR & LOKI RECS into the Thor/Loki posts a lot, I like variety so that there’s often times at least something for everyone, to get a steady stream, but I find that some days I just really want to read family stuff that doesn’t focus on romance. I mean, I tend to then go read some pwp fic, but I honestly enjoy genfic a whole lot on its own!

So here is another list of stories that focus on more gen interactions but that I think are absolutely of interest to Thorki fans as well!

True Son by Catspook, thor & loki + other asgardians, feels, divergent timeline pre-movie, depression issues, 12.3k

AU: prior to the events of the movie, Loki becomes depressed when he concludes that he will never be able to make his parents proud

held together with string by Lise, thor & loki, mourning/grief, 2.2k

Time and again boys are raised to be men: impatient they start, fearful at end. Post-Thor.

Your Life for My Pride by Mythtaken Identity (VR2LBast), thor & loki + sif + w3, some crossdressing, 15k

Loki is not the typical Asgardian warrior. He fights with seidr, agility, and deception. When the Warriors Three question the honour of such methods, Thor proposes a series of contests to prove that Loki’s talents can overcome their respective strengths…with a little cheating.

Tales From the Avengers’ Mansion by Coneycat, avengers & loki, some thor & loki, humor, 14.3k

When Loki arrives at the Avengers’ Mansion with a puppy for Thor, and an elaborate tale about how he acquired it, Tony can’t help but wonder what he’s really up to.

I do solemnly swear by Mikkeneko, thor & loki + some avengers, depression, mind control, 11.9k

In which our heroes learn the perils of lack of inter-team communication, and Loki gives his side of the story.

Child’s Play by pluiedunord, thor & loki, kidfic, fluff, ~1k

Young Thor and Loki play in the forest, and Loki wanders off. Big Brother Thor to the rescue.

Five Crimes in the Name of Brotherhood by freakylemurcat, thor & loki + other asgardians, fluff, kidfic, 4.5k

5 times Thor and Loki had moments of Epic Brohood, and 1 time they had an Epic Bro Sulk together because Odin caught them at something and made them scrub the latrines.

Regular Maintenance by anonymous, thor & loki + avengers, 4.5k

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Clint interrupted. “Call me crazy, or does it seem like every time this guy shows up again, he’s that much crazier and his hair’s that much longer? I mean, who even does that?”

I Only Speak The Truth by nixajane, thor & loki + avengers, truth serum, 1.1k

After Loki is captured, the team needs to interrogate him. Thor advises against it, but SHIELD has a new experimental truth serum and who better to try it on than the God of Lies?

One to Be Trusted by samalander, thor & loki + odin & loki + frigga & loki + sif, mental instability, 5.9k

After he lost the battle in Midgard, Loki was taken home in chains. And if the Aesir couldn’t heal him with magic, then they would do it with time.

Break by kneelinganon (the_netherlady) (nee Mending by anonymous), thor & loki + avengers, 19k

(Why didn’t you let me go?) “Let me help you, brother.” (Not your brother. Never your brother.) “All things can be mended.” (You are a fool.)

Loki Names Everything After Thor by anonymous, thor & loki + background implied pairings, fluff, ~1k

“Which Thor do you believe he is calling for?” Thor the Aesir asked.

Sometimes a cigar by intangible_girl, thor & loki + avengers + background canon pairings, psychology, 5.2k

It begins, oddly enough, with Oedipus. It doesn’t linger there very long, of course. Oedipus has nothing to do with it, or, if he does, Thor (Loki) is more lost than he likes to think about. But that discussion (of Freud, of his legitimacy, of cigars and the messages of dreams) is where he first hears the word psychology.

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My kind of movie


My kind of movie

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I tend to get on Loki’s case a lot and I feel like this is one of those moments where I should get on his case about this, too.  Because this is a cruel thing to say to someone who just lost their mother, to throw it back in Thor’s face that he “let” her die.

But I just can’t.  This dumb baby is hurting over her loss so much and he’s angry because he wasn’t there to protect her, because his last words to her were ones of renouncing her as his mother, because he’s angry that Thor had her trust, but that didn’t stop her from being killed, and this dumb baby is just so angry and hurt over her death that he lashes out at a convenient target who is the easiest in reach.

I can’t help but think of this from Loki’s point of view, that Thor has always been this bright and golden and impossibly strong presence, that he’s Asgard’s most staunch and brilliantly shining protector, but that wasn’t enough to save their mother.  And Thor is so calm and put together, there’s no storm above their heads that was summoned forth from his rage, there’s only Thor being cold and distant from Loki.

It’s got to be driving Loki up the wall, to not have any sort of chaos around them to match what he feels inside.  Life just keeps going on, meanwhile he’s reeling and he looks around and it looks like nobody else is reeling with him, like no one else is mourning her.  (Don’t get me wrong, Thor is, but Loki’s not in a place where he can see it.)

Loki’s angry because Thor was supposed to protect her, because it’s so much easier to try to direct his own guilt and pain outwards towards Thor (Thor who can always withstand anything Loki throws at him) than to look inwards, because Loki’s such a goddamned mess inside that there’s nothing good he’d find looking inwards.  So, instead, he lashes out, tries to goad Thor into an argument, because Loki wants it, he wants to fight with Thor, wants to break everything in his rage, wants to smash everything to pieces, like maybe that might finally siphon off some of the chaos he feels inside.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I’ve been thinking a lot about this line, how I imagine that a lot of Thor’s detractors use it as an example of showing that he’s saying something cruel or that he’s being mean to Loki.

But I think the thing that tends to be forgotten is that, yeah, Loki is hurting right now, but what Thor says is 100% true.  He’s saying it because Loki just tried to undercut Thor’s grieving for their mother, he just tried to say that Thor was more Odin’s son than he was Frigga’s son, so Thor points out that, you know what?  Loki might have been more like her, might have been more her son in the ways he took after her, but Thor was the one who was there for her, Thor was the one who was honest and open with her, Loki is the one who disowned her, Loki is the one who threw away everything she tried to give him.

Yes, this line is said in anger, because Thor is angry at Loki.  Some of which is about the things Loki has done, the people he’s hurt, but a huge, huge part of it is also that Loki has kept himself from his family, that he spurned all their attempts to reach out to him, their love for him. Loki rejected all of them (and I understand why he did, they were sympathetic reasons, because Loki truly thinks that they can’t love him because he’s adopted, that he’s meant to be the monster), that Loki broke all the trust they had in him.  Thor’s angry that Loki is keeping his brother from his family.

This moment isn’t only about Thor lashing out in anger, it’s not about him being mean to Loki just because he’s mad.  It’s about Loki saying something cruel and Thor goes, you know what? You don’t get to say that after the awful shit you’ve pulled, you don’t get to say that you’re her ~*special*~ son and I’m not, not after the way you spent the last two years hurting the hell out of her.

Is it perfect and understanding and endlessly forgiving?  No, because that doesn’t work with Loki.  It’s calling him on his shit and being legitimately angry with him because he’s pulling shit.  I know Loki does this out of complicated reasons, I’m not saying he’s worthless or nothing but a villain, because he’s not.  He’s very hurt and very lost and such a mess that he’s barely holding himself together and I love him just so much.  But part of the path back to decency is getting the shit you do pointed out, especially when it’s coming from the people you’ve hurt.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

Two things here.  One, when Thor says “Surrender is not in [my nature].”, Loki immediate scoffs, “Son of Odin…” and sometimes I forget to talk about the ways in which Thor and Odin actually are very similar, that there’s a reason they’re so often paralleled.

There’s a lot in the interests they share, that they both seem like the type who enjoyed killing things directly, they liked standing their ground and fighting, they liked heavy-handed attacks, rather than sneaky efficiency. But this is another way in which Loki is pointing out they’re similar—they both don’t do surrender, not even to pull at someone’s puppet strings with it, which is much more Loki’s way.  He’ll back down from a fight and surrender, waiting for a better chance (which Thor can do, but it’s not in his nature), he’ll play the conquered party so that he can manipulate the victor.  (He hasn’t been doing it as much of late, because he’s suffering through some identity issues, but that’s how I see Loki at his core.)

When he flings that “Son of Odin” comment at Thor, it’s a barb meant to compare him to Odin, point out the stubbornness in both of them, but it’s also a way of saying that Thor’s just like his father, that Thor’s just a parallel to Odin, that he’s Odin’s son, not Frigga’s son.  It’s a cruel thing to say, to try to strip down Thor’s relationship with his mother, to needle at him like Thor was never that close to Frigga, that his mourning was less than Loki’s.

And that is why Thor responds the way he does, because, no, Loki is not the only child of Frigga here, he’s not the only one mourning her, he’s not the only one doing this for vengeance for her.  It’s true that Thor tends to be more like Odin than Frigga, but that doesn’t mean he loved her any less, that he’s not still very much her son, and Loki will not be allowed to split their family along those lines.

I don’t say this to be cruel to Loki, I understand that he’s hurting and he’s wild with grief, that he’s lashing out because he’s in pain.  I know he’s boiling over with too many emotions wound too tightly in him, that he says these things because he’s a hot mess no matter how he tries to pretend otherwise.  But they are cruel things to say to Thor, so I am going to enjoy the absolute hell out of Thor shutting those arguments down and saying, no, that’s not how it is, that he loved Frigga just as much as Loki did.  That Loki hurt her, but Thor never tears down that very clearly Loki loved her, just that Loki did all this shit to tear their family apart and that doesn’t give Loki the right to act as if he was the only one who loved her.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

A lot gets made of Loki’s “Satisfaction is not in my nature.” line and fairly rightly so, because it’s a good line.  I mean, I want to argue a little bit with it, I want to put qualifiers on it (“Satisfaction isn’t in his nature right now, but I will internet fight you if you think that it’s 100% impossible for MCU Loki to find satisfaction/happiness one day in the future!”), but it’s a really excellent line.

But I think Thor’s line is actually even better.  Surrender is not in his nature, this is a line that is absolutely supported by the rest of the movie, this is a theme with Thor, that he just doesn’t surrender.  He has grown up from the man who used to run into a fight at the drop of a hat, he’s learned when to walk away, but surrender?  It’s just not Thor.

It’s not in his nature to surrender to grief when his mother dies, it’s not in his nature to surrender his relationship with Jane just because it’s a difficult and brief one, it’s not even in his nature to surrender to Loki’s madness, because that was choosing to walk away because Loki cannot be helped if he refuses to accept it, this is not surrendering just because it’s too hard.  Thor doesn’t surrender to what he knows is right, he takes Jane out of Asgard to save the lives of Asgardians, even if it will cost him.  He doesn’t surrender in this argument with Loki, even when it’s probably not going to go anywhere good.

And I just really, really love Thor a lot, because he’s arrogant and sometimes reckless and tends to bulldoze through everything and he’s learning to be better about that, but one thing that is at the very heart of Thor’s character:  Whatever other choices he makes, surrender is not in his nature.  He is a fighter in all things, both physical and emotional. He’ll always get back up, not because he’s blindly stubborn (though, there’s an element of it, but less with the blindness these days), but because that’s who he is.  A fighter.

but we weren’t important after all

but we weren’t important after all


아ㅏㅇㅇ아ㅏㅏㅏ 파일이 밀려서 업로드가 귀찮ㅊ다
커플링도 죄다 중구난방이라 몰아올리기도 애매하고 으읔ㅇㅎㅋ윸ㅇㅋ


아ㅏㅇㅇ아ㅏㅏㅏ 파일이 밀려서 업로드가 귀찮ㅊ다

커플링도 죄다 중구난방이라 몰아올리기도 애매하고 으읔ㅇㅎㅋ윸ㅇㅋ