Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

There is, of course, a lot going on in this scene and yet not nearly enough, it’s only one conversation we see between them and it’s really good at conveying a lot of information for such a short thing, but I can’t help but wish we’d had at least three of these.

I love Frigga’s face in that second to last cap, that is such a pure, 100% mother thing to do when your son is being a little shit and throwing your kindness back in your face.  She makes sure to show him that she cares and he still snaps about it and the raised eyebrows look on her face is gold.

I love her patience without being a doormat here, it’s so very motherly.  She doesn’t lash back out at him when he’s a rotten little shit or when he spurns the comforts she tries to give him.  She makes her reactions clear, but it’s never in a way that’s meant to hurt him, but only ever to show that he’s hurting her or that he’s saying bullshit.  Like, disagree if you want, but I will never see it any other way than Frigga being absolutely amazing in this scene.

And I think this is what really puts me on Asgard’s side a lot of the time, because they’re never cruel to him.  Frigga brings him books and that cell is very clean and comfortable and he has nice clothes and well kept furniture and whatever else he needs.  We have no idea if he gets out of the cell sometimes (I would assume so, but the truth is that we have zero evidence either way—especially because Loki is a super, super, super unreliable narrator and this scene is showing that very clearly), but beyond that, he’s very comfortable.

Yet Loki still spits poison, even when she comes because she cares, because she loves him.  He twists her kindness around on her, because he’s just so viciously angry that he wants no one to be nice to him, he wants to be the victim here, he wants to be angry and say there’s nothing good that any of them ever did for him.  That it’s all a lie, that now that the truth is out, now they finally treat him honestly.

So, when Frigga still treats him with kindness, when Frigga still treats him as her son, he immediately has to reach out and twist around why Odin and Thor aren’t giving him the same kind of visits and completely ignores deeper context (that he has pushed them away, that he has deliberately made them angry, that he has slapped away every offer of help, that he has hurt people they care about, that they have legitimate reasons to be angry with him), because Loki wants to be angry.

He’s not acknowledging that she’s trying to reach out to him here, that she would offer him other things, because he’s a spoiled rotten little shit in the middle of a fucking tantrum.  I love Loki, watching this scene several times over to comb over it for details, my heart genuinely aches for this little shit and how I want him to be happy and at peace with himself and how I want him to get all this poisonous anger out of his system, I want him to learn how to be honest with people again.  But I’m not going to give him leeway that he doesn’t deserve, not when he takes someone reaching out to him and twists it back on them, just to be vicious and angry.

(This post does not cover everything, because this is a series of posts about TDW and often times one post is not enough to cover even a single scene, so if this seems only half-done, that would be why.)

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