Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

First of all, this smug little shit’s face is a beautiful thing.  And, in a way, it reminds me a lot of the scene where Loki is reading in the dungeon, that his reactions here are a performance rather than what he legitimately feels.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, he thrills in the way they point their swords at him or lay a heavy hand on his shoulder, he fucking loves to get under their skin by goading them with his lack of care.

But this is not the behavior of a badass, this is the behavior of a goading little shit who wants them to notice him, to see how much he Doesn’t Care No Really He Doesn’t Care At All.  Except that he does care and he does want to deliver the perfect barbed response and he does want them to snarl at him because, ha!, look what Loki can do to them! Watch him dance gleefully around their attempts to intimidate him, but he’s so very far beyond caring about that now!  He’s no longer chained by politeness, he’s dangerous, he’s a wildcard, he’s wicked!  Look at him being all these things!!  That’s what Loki wants people to see.

Loki fucking loves it because he loves the attention of it.  He loves goading them until they point their weapons at him and threaten him, because, oh, look what Loki can do to them.  If Loki is manipulative, then this is how he does it, by smirking and grinning and being smug until the others can’t stand him anymore.  Loki is a master at a perfect look of mocking, so you just want to smack him, he gets under your skin like an irritating sliver.

Loki’s brilliance is not in being a grand chessmaster.  He’s not untalented at it, but his real skill is in being an irritating little shit until you’re not looking at his greater plans or until you just give in to make him go away or until you want to smack him so badly you’re not thinking clearly or until you simply lose your cool and that enough is a prize for him.

And that is why I love him so ridiculously.

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